In this time

In this time of holiday cheer, and the spirit of giving, please remember to give a little back to your old classic car or muscle car, by making it what it used to be again. We need to keep the old American cars on the road, if for nothing more then the whole history of the American car, the car has had a lot to do with the history of this country, and it can still have a lot more to do with it.

That is if we keep our focus on build our old classic cars back to what they once were, cars are an American icon, from when Henry Ford built the first gas powered car, up to now, people always say that newer is better, but just stand back and take a look at just how many new cars will be around in say 60 years, just think about it, not to many, but the old classics are still kicking around.

Over the years we have had a lot of good times in our cars, so why can�t we give them some back, just think about it, if you don�t want to fix up your car, there�s a person out there that�s looking for just the car you�ve got, so why not sell it and give another person a chance to restore it pride and dignity.

It would make you feel good, and you would certainly be doing something good for the person that you sell it to, if you love your car, think about it for a moment, how much joy did it give you, if you don�t have the time or the money to fix it up, make somebody else as happy as you were when you first bought it, and give them a chance.

Of course before you sell it, make sure that this person has the right intensions with your car, tell them that you won�t sell it if they don�t plan to fix it up, tell them to send you pictures of the restoration process or whatever you have to do, just don�t let it go to waste.

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